Controversial veterinarian Jean Dodds Continues To Practice in California. She’s Never Been Licensed.


Jean Dodds is back in the spotlight.
That’s because The Canine Review is reviving the deluge of public records requests, inquiries to Dodds’ colleagues, clients, and former associates; in short, we are starting fresh.

The California Veterinary Medical Board issued Ms. Jean Dodds a Cease and Desist order on Oct. 11, 2021, ordering her to stop practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Today, however, nearly two full years later, “Dr. Dodds” has a larger Internet presence than ever and is continuing to practice with apparent impunity.
product packaging and labeling
As recent as August 11, 2023, “Dr. Dodds” was using her 501 c3 tax-exempt website to market and sell her products which are packaged to represent Dodds as “Dr” in violation of the 2021 California enforcement action.