Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Our unique brand of high-impact, independent journalism focused on the fast-growing pet industry is in high demand, so we are making major changes and key hires to meet that demand.  The positions are contract-to-hire and do not include benefits in the contract stage.

TCR’s mission is to take the highest standards for independent journalism across the board and apply those standards to focused reporting on the business of animal health, veterinary medicine and the pet industry. We seek truth and follow the facts. Our business strategy and revenue model is subscription-based by design. No legitimate journalism business in history has been able to succeed without substantial subscription revenue because journalism at its core is about providing a service to readers and can’t be beholden to the people and institutions we cover.

We’re now in the midst of a redesign, and while we are mired in that important reboot, we’re more focused than ever on hiring exceptionally qualified journalists.


The Canine Review (TCR), the sole independent news organization offering investigative coverage of the pet industry, is looking for a skilled editor with newsroom experience to help assign and edit stories, help reporters develop ideas, and support the executive editor in growing and shaping a high-impact, ambitious journalism enterprise.

This is a freelance, remote-only, contract-based job. Compensation is competitive and will vary based on credentials and experience.

We are looking for someone who:

  • has at least 3 years of editing experience at a news organization. This is not negotiable. Please do not apply if you haven’t worked for a news organization.
  • has excellent news judgment and an understanding of how to structure and lift up stories, including large investigative projects.
  • Enjoys working closely with reporters and helping them to produce their best work. has shown an ability to work collaboratively with teams of different skill levels and backgrounds.

We also hope to find someone who:

  • loves dogs (and pets more generally)
  • has a connection to a network of capable, experienced freelance reporters.

This is a chance to work with a team of creative, talented journalists, with the potential to lead to a larger editing role.

TCR is a subscription-based news publication. We value independent, quality, “show not tell” reporting that adheres to the highest professional standards for ethics, accuracy, and fairness. We specialize in watchdog journalism (pardon the pun) and strive to hold powerful people and institutions —including lawmakers, pet industry lobbyists, regulators, CEOs, and others — to account.

TCR welcomes all U.S.-based applicants to send a cover letter and resume to


The Canine Review (TCR), the sole independent news organization offering serious coverage of the pet industry, is looking for a web producer/social media editor to produce articles for the website in WordPress and manage social media sites and SEO.

TCR focuses on watchdog reporting and in-depth coverage of this massively growing industry that caters to the 87 million Americans who own pets. We are interested in serious looks at trends and investigative pieces on  insurance, pet food, veterinary practice, regulatory agencies and pet health, or other aspects of the industry. 

We are looking for someone who is eager to help this growing subscription business raise its profile and attract new readers. Applicants should have:

  • A background in journalism
  • Experience with producing editorial copy in customized WordPress operating systems for at least one digital news organization, writing SEO headlines and permalinks and handling all other aspects of metadata.
  • Familiarity with SEO strategies and analytics.
  •  A willingness to work at the times when stories need to be produced, including evenings.
  • A demonstrated ability to work collegially with people of different backgrounds and temperaments. 

Please note: 

  • This is not a web designer or developer position.
  • This is not a full-time position. Work will be done on a contract basis. Compensation is negotiable based on experience level.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to