Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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The Canine Review’s editorial product is both a news and an information service, providing in-depth, magazine-style reports as profiles through its databases. We are assembling a small, but exceptionally capable team of professional jourrnalists who share our mission for strong, independent reporting in the public interest. 

One of America’s fastest growing industries has somehow managed to dodge any real accountability by way of ad-sponsored glossies and blogs.  Our goal is to find the BEST in the dog world – the best breeders, shelters, veterinary hospitals, pet insurers, etc. – and highlight them, while also shining light on those veering toward the opposite end of the spectrum, who often include some previously sacrosanct “brands” in the for-profit and even not-for-profit world. 


TCR’s veterinary hospital profiles spotlight America’s best as well as which facilities to avoid. Check a hospital for disciplinary/enforcement action, litigation, news media coverage, endowment, operating budget, inspection reports (where available), etc.

How many cents per dollar in premiums paid does a pet insurer actually spend on veterinary invoices (claims payout)? Loss ratio data is something TCR will delve into in our pet insurance profiles, along dozens of other metrics.

Rescues are important and essential, TCR provides coverage of Rescues across the country.

There are 138,500 active dog breeders in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club. TCR’s independent, trusted, authoritative reporting offers good breeders an opportunity to distinguish themselves.

TCR’s independent, trusted, authoritative reporting offers reputable animal shelters an opportunity to distinguish themselves.