Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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TCRFiles™ Pet Insurers Database

The Canine Review was founded in the process of mapping out a reporting project about pet insurance.

Vets get all kinds of questions from clients, many of them inspired by misinformation from the Internet. TCR has become a regularly bookmarked site on veterinary practice websites, and one reason for that is because we are the go-to authority on strong, dispassionate reporting about pet insurance.

There are multiple publications and websites aimed at dog lovers. But their businesses depend on revenue from those aiming to sell products to these consumers. And it shows: they often pull their punches. Readers can sense that. And we believe that a significant portion of them will appreciate an alternative. Similarly, there are websites serving those in the industry. But they, too, often pull their punches, depending on what corner of the industry they serve. We believe that — as in other industries, whether it’s law, finance, fashion, or technology — people in the pet industry, including those in the insurance industry space, who want to succeed will seize on the competitive advantage of having original, accurate reporting.

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