Correction from California Attorney General’s Office re: Jean Dodds

Following our latest report about Jean Dodds being cited by the state’s Veterinary Medical Board (VMB), in which we also stated the Attorney General’s Office was investigating the matter, a person in the press office of the California Attorney General who declined to provide his or her name wrote late Friday evening of Nov. 5 to clarify that simply because the Attorney General’s Office represents the VMB with regard to its citation against Dodds does not mean that the Office is investigating Dodds. “We have not confirmed or denied any investigation or accusation,” the spokesperson wrote, adding, “Any investigation into this matter would be done by the VMB itself.”

 Beyond posting the citation against Dodds, the VMB has declined all requests to comment except to confirm for us that Jean Dodds has never held a license to practice veterinary medicine in the state of California (although Dodds has been operating in California since the early nineties) and to let us know that Hemopet, Dodds’ company through which Dodds has been filing 990 tax returns as a 501c3 tax exempt entity (for revenue on items such as $298 Nutriscan tests) is registered to an individual whose name is not relevant. In fact, we only went to the Attorney General’s Office as well as the U.S. Attorney’s Office for comment because the VMB would not or could not answer our questions e.g. How are officials following up on the citation related to Dodds falsely representing herself as a licensed veterinarian – which she apparently has continued to do (there are countless examples; TCR has so many, we’re running out of server space) despite the cease and desist order forbidding such conduct included in the citation? How are officials following up on Trupanion’s formal complaint, which suggests there’s a trail of alleged mail and wire fraud going back years across multiple insurance companies? What about the fact that Dodds even advertises insurance payout eligibility on her website?

We apologize for the confusion.