Wednesday, May 05, 2021
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Emily Brill

About Emily Brill

Emily Brill is the executive editor and founder of The Canine Review. Emily was born and raised in New York City, where she spent summers and even weekdays during the school year, interning for media startups, including something called the Fox News Channel when it was in its launch phase and everyone thought they were a joke. When Emily was told she was too young to write for her school newspaper in fourth grade, she started a family newsletter, The Brill Family Times (subscription-only, of course). The publication lasted through her middle school years, after which she immediately started writing for The Daltonian. She's never stopped writing stories. Emily worked for the Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith, Charlie Rose, and for CNN as an associate producer. After graduate school in Seoul, Emily lived in Beijing and worked for CBS News’s Beijing Bureau. Her reports were published in the New York Times’ China Edition, Buzzfeed, and on

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