Monday, May 29, 2023
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Emily Brill

About Emily Brill

Emily Brill is the executive editor and founder of The Canine Review. The Canine Review is a subscription-only, independent online news service whose readers include thousands of veterinary professionals, pet industry leaders, journalists, and dog fanatics. As the pet industry’s only independent news service not beholden to advertisers, TCR provides accountability and transparency for this fast-growing, dynamic sector of the economy which, until TCR, had not faced high-impact checks on its powerful institutions and stakeholders. A native New Yorker, Brill grew up in a media startup world and has always preferred newsrooms. Her father, Steven, founded The American Lawyer in 1979; Brill was spending summers, holidays, and after school at the magazine’s midtown headquarters before many of her classmates had ever held a newspaper. The magazine soon also became home to Court TV where Brill developed programming for the 'tween' set, "Teen Court TV." Brill made history at Deerfield Academy when her reporting in the student newspaper, The Scroll, resulted in a directive from the Administration to the Academy's army of landscapers to confiscate the newspapers and prevent their distribution on campus. She has worked everywhere from Fox News Channel during its early days with Shepard Smith to Charlie Rose to CNN to CBS News's Beijing Bureau. The pet industry is one of the largest, fastest-growing sectors of the American economy. But it lacks the kind of regulatory safeguards found in goods and services for people. And until now it has not faced with the kind of transparency and accountability that strong, independent journalism brings. TCR’s mission is to be provide that sunlight for the veterinary professionals and industry leaders who care so much about this industry. Emily launched TCR in late 2019, financing all start-up costs. Today, TCR's sole revenue source continues to be its growing list of paying subscribers.

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