Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Emily Brill

About Emily Brill

Emily Brill is the executive editor and founder of The Canine Review. Born and bred in Manhattan, she spent summers working for media startups of all types and stripes after discovering that the "all-hands-on-deck" 24/7 energy of journalism startup work particularly appealed. Emily's reporting career began in fourth grade when she launched The Brill Family Times, a paid, subscription-based family newsletter. At Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, Emily's stories often left members of the Academy's administration apoplectic, prompting Admissions staffers to confiscate newspapers before prospective students and families could read Emily's stories which covered everything from whether the school's Board of Trustees would vote to allow same-sex faculty couples to live on campus in student dormitories to the fact that the school was generating revenue by marking up student phone line fees by 200% compared to what someone would pay a cable provider (Emily gleaned it from reading the school's 990 tax forms, which all 501c3's are required to submit). Emily has worked for the Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith and this work was during FNC's startup phase. For a different beat, she worked for Charlie Rose, and then for CNN as an associate producer. After a year of graduate school in Seoul, Emily lived and worked in Beijing, taking freelance reporting assignments while also working for CBS News’ Beijing Bureau. Her reports were published in the New York Times’ China Edition, Buzzfeed, and on Emily loves dogs, but she is a Labrador fanatic. Emily has owned and loved dogs throughout her life. Her late Labrador, Maggie, and current Labrador, Nellie, both yellow field Labs, are distantly related and Nellie is named for “Nellie B. Good”, a common ancestor. You can read more about Nellie and all of the time she spends at the vet on her blog: When she’s not interviewing someone for a story, researching and outlining a new story idea, or editing a profile, Emily can usually be found hiking the riding trails in Bedford, roaming Central Park, or quail hunting in Georgia – – with Nellie.

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