Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Emily Brill

About Emily Brill


Emily Brill is the editor and publisher of The Canine Review. She is a journalist and native New Yorker. She has lived in Seoul, where she was a Master’s student in International Studies, and in Beijing, where she pursued journalism. She has worked at Charlie Rose, CNN, and as a researcher/fact-checker for the Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations. Her reports have been published in the New York Times China Edition, CJR, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, ChinaFile.com and The Atlantic. Emily has also cut her teeth at several journalism start-ups. Emily has owned and loved dogs throughout her life. She has worked as a volunteer dog trainer and walker at a local animal shelter and at a pet boutique in Greenwich, CT. Emily is partial to field trial Labradors. Her last Lab, Maggie, and current Lab, Nellie, both yellow field Labs, are distantly related and Nellie is named for “Nellie B. Good”, their common ancestor. In addition to Nellie, Emily helps care for her parents’ black English lab – Maggie’s and now Nellie’s best friend – Rocky.

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