TCR 2.0 is Imminent

Dear Readers,

Thanks for your patience!

We apologize for the long radio silence. In the coming weeks, The Canine Review will unveil our new website as part of a high-profile relaunch.

I am excited to welcome Bryan Davis to our team as TCR’s Chief Revenue Officer. Bryan led digital audience growth at The New York Times, The Atlantic, and most recently, at NBC News. Reporters will work with Bryan during the editing process to maximize search optimization and help make sure our reporting is reaching more readers each day, so we can have even more impact. I can’t wait to see where his talents and those of others joining our team take us in the new year.

We will have more announcements to make as we approach our relaunch about the reporters joining our team. Speaking of which, if you are interested in joining our reporting and editing team, please reach out.

We recognize the fact that “investigative journalism” is a widely acceptable term, which is why we use it in our recruiting materials to attract journalists aligned with that mission — to deliver independent, reporting focused on the pet industry and animal health. However, we should note that “investigative journalism” is a term our publication avoids because for us it is redundant. TCR is a subscription-based news service – which means every article must have value to the reader, not be something used to fill the space around the ads. Moreover, TCR’s focus is on an industry that has not faced the scrutiny of strong, independent journalism. This makes our mission especially important. We’re looking for journalists who believe that the news business can and should continue to serve readers first. We’re looking for journalists who understand why we obsess over high ethical standards — because protecting our credibility is paramount to our business model.


More to come.