“Dr. Jean Dodds” listed as speaker in upcoming Dog Nutrition Summit

It’s been more than one year since the California Veterinary Medical Board issued a “cease and desist” order to W. Jean Dodds for practicing veterinary medicine without a license, a story TCR first reported:
The Canine Review also subsequently confirmed that Ms. Dodds, in fact, had never once held any valid license to practice veterinary medicine in California, New York (where she lived before), or in any other state.
However, we did confirm that she holds a valid degree in veterinary medicine.
Ms. Dodds has been non-compliant with the VMB’s “cease and desist” order with apparent impunity with no evidence provided to TCR to indicate otherwise despite our repeated requests for comment.
TCR has asked Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office repeatedly to explain Ms. Dodds’s continued use of “Dr. Dodds” along with continued appearances both in person, online, and through websites selling her products with apparent impunity in light of the  “cease and desist.”
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Dr. Jean Dodds

Interview | Saturday, November 05 2022 @ 6am ET

Grain-Free Vs. Grain Foods For Pets

Dr. Jean Dodds has spent more than 5 decades as a clinical research veterinarian. She started Hemopet in 1986, which today offers a wide range of nonprofit services and educational activities. She has written 175 scientific articles, 2 popular award-winning pet health books together with Diana Laverdure, with the third one in press; and holds 27 patents

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The ongoing controversy — are foods containing grains essential for pets?

  • Is feeding grains harmful for pets?

  • Is feeding grain-free foods beneficial or harmful for pets?