Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Emily Brill

About Emily Brill

Emily Brill is the executive editor and founder of The Canine Review. The Canine Review is a subscription-only, independent online news service whose readers include thousands of veterinary professionals, pet industry leaders, journalists, and dog fanatics. As the pet industry’s only independent watchdog news service not beholden to advertisers, TCR provides much-needed accountability and greater transparency for this fast-growing, dynamic sub-sector of the economy which, until TCR, had not yet faced frequent and high-impact checks on its powerful institutions and stakeholders. A native New Yorker, Emily grew up in a media startup world and preferred newsrooms to playgrounds and classrooms. She has worked everywhere from Fox News Channel during its early days with Shepard Smith to Charlie Rose to CNN to CBS News’s Beijing Bureau (she lived and freelanced in Beijing for two years). Before founding TCR, her reporting as a freelancer was published in The New York Times’s China edition, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic,, The South China Morning Post, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Posts by Emily Brill: