Petplan, Dodo officially withdraw veterinary professional “moral hazard” filing

In July, The Canine Review reported that Petplan  which had recently partnered with Group Nine Media and rebranded itself as “Fetch by The Dodo,” was seeking to slash veterinary professionals from pet health insurance coverage by declaring them a “moral hazard.” Our reporting resulted in sharp and extensive outcry from veterinary professionals and influencers on social  media. By August 1, Petplan/Fetch by the Dodo capitulated and vowed to withdraw the statutory filings. TCR can now confirm that the company has withdrawn the filings.  Seen here are the filings for New York state’s department of financial services, the agency that regulates insurance in the state:




The Company recently submitted to your office a Self-Treatment Exclusion endorsement and corresponding policyholder notice and rule page for use with our pet insurance program. This filing has not been implemented yet. The Company has decided not to implement this part of those filings and wish to withdraw the submitted endorsement form GPTM 601 0522, rule page and remove the informational notice GPTM PN 06 0522 without prejudice. However, notice GPTM PN CW 07 0522, NOTICE TO POLICYHOLDERS POLICY FEES, would remain as informational.



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