Titans of vet industry to tackle access to care at leadership summit

At the end of September, a small group of veterinary industry leaders, mostly CEO’s and other senior level officers,  will gather in Portland, Oregon to tackle issues surrounding access to veterinary care.

The numbers they will confront are troubling. Approximately 88 million pets in American households receive minimum to zero veterinary care, according to the Veterinary Innovation Council, the organization co-hosting the event with the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC).

“Finding solutions to remove barriers and expand access to a spectrum of care are among the issues veterinary industry leaders will tackle at the sixth annual Veterinary Innovation Summit,” a press release earlier this year explained about the event.

One focus of the 2022 event will be the intersection of technology and veterinary care with potential game-changers like the work Dr. Neil Shaw, who co-founded BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospitals with brother Darryl. Dr. Shaw is pioneering artificial intelligence solutions for veterinary radiology. His company, SignalPet, is explained in detail here, but to put it succinctly, “SignalPET is a patented software platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to examine and interpret radiographs.”

According to an article sponsored by the company in DVM360: “Radiology reviews take time. In some cases, results aren’t available for days. Artificial intelligence provides results within 10 minutes. This allows decisions to be made promptly, so treatment planning and other aspects of patient care aren’t delayed. SignalPET’s reliable, point-of-care technology streamlines workflows for veterinary team members. It also means that pet owners get results quickly, so they can work with clinicians to make timely treatment choices for their pet.”

This year’s program (from the conference website):

The Veterinary Innovation Summit offers a comprehensive look at the future of the veterinary world, while providing an open forum for the most creative minds in the industry to collaborate. 

This year’s program will include:

Reimagining the delivery of care

Reorienting the way we think about the delivery of care and delivering care to more patients through a client-centered approach

Building future-ready leaders

Accelerating Growth and Inspiring Transformation

Critical Issues Facing the Veterinary Profession

CEO Panel on the Future Landscape of Animal Health



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