From the Editor: TCR’s Funding Sources

From the Editor: TCR’s Funding Sources

Some of you have asked if our most recent story is sponsored (short answer, no). TCR is subscription-based, which means we serve readers.

I am financing 100% of the startup costs: Bedford Dog, LLC is my company (formerly Emily Media LLC) that owns TCR.

I personally receive at least 2-3 serious proposals every week from companies and individuals expressing interest in affiliate partnerships and/or clickbait deals, which I turn down. Another revenue stream for digital outlets is sponsored content; that, too is not something we do.

If and when we take on investors, the terms on which they invest will include language that walls off any ability to influence editorial content. Our readers will always be informed about who we are and who pays.

To address the specific concern that Trupanion is sponsoring TCR: Not true. When I started TCR, I promised to shine a light not only on those serving dog owners badly but also on those doing a good job. In this case, our reporting reflected well on one company and not well on its rival, Petplan.

If that changes —for example, I’m wondering what the reaction from the veterinary community will be to Trupanion’s just-announced wellness food product, whose ingredients seem to check a lot of BEG boxes—our reporting will reflect that, too.



Emily Brill

Executive Editor

The Canine Review