From the Editor: TCR’s Funding Sources

From the Editor: TCR’s Funding Sources

Some of you have asked if our most recent story is sponsored. Short answer, no. TCR is subscription-based, which means we serve readers.

TCR launched in November 2019. In the short time since then, our readership has grown by the day, and with each story as more of you discover our special brand of tough, however relentlessly fair, comprehensive, and careful reporting.

The kind of reporting we do costs money and it’s critical that our primary revenue source is YOU, our readers, and not the individuals and institutions whose interests may be affected by our reporting. Our credibility and your trust are what matter most. 

So, the first thing someone should understand about TCR’s funding sources is that your subscription counts. That’s what distinguishes a reader-revenue-based model from the business models of content that make up the vast, vast majority of what you read online. 

That’s right. Your subscription really, really matters.

No advertisers. No sponsors. No affiliates. No clicks for cash. No commission fees. When a TCR story reflects well on a company, it means something because we report without fear or favor.

Now that we have gained a following, every week, TCR receives proposals from companies and individuals expressing interest in all kinds of arrangements, most of them affiliate partnerships and/or clickbait deals, and all of which we turn down. 

When we take on investors, the terms on which they invest will include language that walls off any ability to influence editorial content.

For now, my company, Bedford Dog, LLC (formerly Emily Media) owns TCR and is financing all startup costs — aided by our growing base of paid subscription readers. I hope this group includes you or that you consider joining it. Many of you are veterinarians and other animal health professionals. Many of you are pet industry executives and leaders in media and messaging about animal health. And some of you read TCR simply because you’re obsessed with your own dogs and, as caregivers, you want the most comprehensive, reliable reporting.

Is there a story you would like to see? Is there a story you found underwhelming? We invite and encourage you to provide us with feedback. You can write to me directly by emailing or if you would like to submit a letter for us to consider for publication, please email

Thank you for the chance to earn and keep your trust.


Emily Brill

Executive Editor

The Canine Review