NYC’s Animal Medical Center issues canine parvovirus alert; “about 1 dog per night admitted”

New York City’s Animal Medical Center is issuing a canine parvovirus alert.

In an email blast to subscribers of its Usdan Institute animal health education newsletter (you can sign up for the newsletter here), the hospital informed readers that its staff had “seen a dramatic increase in canine parvovirus cases over the past few months, and we urge our clients to ensure your pups are vaccinated!”

a puppy tests positive for parvovirus
A puppy tests positive for canine parvovirus (CPV)

“Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that commonly causes GI [gastro-intestinal] disease in young, unvaccinated dogs,” Dr. Alex Gallagher summarizes in the Merck Veterinary Manual.

Last summer, TCR spoke with hospitals around the country, including the AMC, about reports of an increase in parvovirus cases. Now, according to the AMC, home to one of America’s busiest animal emergency and critical care units, “cases are much more prevalent,” the hospital told readers of its blog. “On the Animal Medical Center’s overnight admission list, there is about 1 dog per night admitted with parvovirus, including a critically-ill 8-week-old puppy admitted over the weekend.”