A Journalism Pro Joins The Force: Welcome, Carly Nairn

San Francisco-based reporter Carly Nairn, a UC Berkeley J-School graduate, is the kind of ethical, mission-driven, journalist we’ve been looking for. If you hear from Ms. Nairn, you should know that she’s like a unicorn in the journalism world. She’s one of the few reporters remaining on this planet who actually believes in doing reporting.

Another great attribute of Ms. Nairn’s is the fact that she’s never covered the pet industry or animal health. She comes with a fresh approach and no preconceived notions. So, she may not know you or your company, but now you know her. And know that she wants to hear from you.

She’s now mired in three assignments for TCR, including her close coverage of the California vet telemed legislation. Are you a telemed stakeholder? Do you oppose expanding the legal definition of VCPR to include telemed? We’re especially interested in the tick tock (journalism-speak for “backstory” and not “Tik Tok”) of how language was recently added to the California legislation which requires vets writing prescriptions for controlled substances in CA to have an in-person VCPR. If you can help us understand the genesis of this new addition, including the various lobbying efforts, warts and all, we want to hear from you.  If there’s anything you can contribute, please reach out to Carly.Nairn@gmail.com.