Pet owner who fatally shot veterinary hospital employee was acting in self-defense, grand jury finds

Last week, a grand jury chose not to indict a pet owner charged with fatally shooting 21-year-old Trent “TJ” Taylor, an employee at the Shively Animal Clinic and Hospital in Shively, Kentucky last month on Mother’s Day, May 14.

A billing dispute at Shively Animal Hospital in Shively, Kentucky did not result in a pet owner fatally shooting a vet hospital employee, as was widely and initially assumed across social media.

Police released footage of the interrogation and surveillance video aired across Kentucky local affiliates as seen here:

Although the shooting itself took place outside and was not captured on camera, events leading up to the shooting were captured on camera. The pet owner claimed self-defense but Mr. Taylor’s family insists her decision to shoot Mr. Taylor was premeditated, citing posts on social media prior to the event.

No arrests so far in Louisville area vet hospital shooting death; officials decline to release police reports