Call For News Tips: The Cost Of AAHA’s Endorsement

The Canine Review is seeking news tips regarding how the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) determines which companies, products, and even hospitals merit its highly regarded branding and accreditation. Specifically, we are eager to learn more about AAHA’s Preferred Business Provider network and what’s involved in becoming a member.  We’re interested in your teams’ exchanges with the AAHA, including whether at any point, you were asked to pay a fee.  We would also appreciate the opportunity to have our preeminent network of legal experts review any contracts any individual or entity has been asked to sign by the AAHA.

To pet industry executives, here’s your opportunity to make a contribution to the public interest of your profession. Every day, pet owners are bombarded with deceptive marketing content, often disguised as dispassionate, objective news or academic sources. TCR’s role as the industry’s sole independent watchdog news service is to vet (excuse the pun) highly regarded authorities that endorse products, organizations, brands, etc. on a regular basis.

Please contact or you can call or text 917-297-3537.