FDA Center for Veterinary Med. to hold 2022 public listening session, but pet food oversight not on agenda

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) announced  that registration is open for a virtual, public listening session set to occur on October 18, 2022. Like last year’s listening session, titled “Oversight of Pet Food,” members of the public are invited to sign up to make presentations during the meeting.  However, this year’s program is titled: FDA Virtual Listening Session on the Regulation of Animal Foods with Certain Types of Claims.

Asked to clarify whether listening session presentations would be restricted to on-topic content, FDA spokesperson Ann Norris said:

“The upcoming listening session in October is focused on how the FDA regulates animal foods with certain types of claims. The format will be similar to the pet food listening session in 2021, but the topic is very different. The FDA is reviewing its current policy, CVM Policy and Procedures Manual (PPM) 1240.3605, Regulating Animal Foods with Drug Claims, and is seeking public feedback on how the policy could be updated to reflect evolving scientific knowledge and promote innovation. The FDA is specifically interested in comments that address the following questions – 1) How could FDA modernize or improve this policy? 2) What challenges are presented by this policy? 3) What additional types of claims or ingredients should the FDA consider in its review of this policy? In addition to holding the listening session, the FDA opened a docket and is accepting electronic or written comments on the issue of regulating animal foods with certain types of claims through November 17, 2022.

Presentations for this listening session should address these questions and focus on the FDA’s regulation of animal foods with certain types of claims.  [Emphasis ours] This listening session would not be an appropriate forum for presentations about general pet food issues or pet food safety.  If speakers are unsure about whether their presentation is on-topic for this listening session about animal foods with certain types of claims, we recommend they contact AnimalFoodClaims2022@fda.hhs.gov to discuss it with the agency directly.

The FDA welcomes public feedback on a wide range of topics, but to set presenters up for success and out of respect for the listening session attendees, the FDA asks that presenters adhere to the topic of FDA’s policy for regulating animal foods with certain types of claims. During Q1 of calendar year 2023, CVM intends to provide the public with additional opportunities to share input on other animal food-related topics such as the FDA’s role in the AAFCO ingredient definition process. As details for these opportunities are finalized, the FDA will publicize them by posting information on its website.



The event is scheduled for October 18, 2022 at 10am EDT.