Another world class veterinary hospital in NYC tri-state sounds the alarm

Oradell Animal Hospital, a renowned 24/7 veterinary specialty and emergency hospital in Paramus, New Jersey that serves the New York City tri-state area, is now running a message on the main page of its website explaining its “triage protocol”:

“Our emergency service is approaching maximum capacity limits. At this time we must…”


TCR is reaching out to Oradell and will follow up.


ER Update

August 31, 2021 3:47 pm

Our emergency service is approaching maximum capacity limits.  At this time we must:

  • Prioritize services to patients who are currently receiving care, in the order dictated by our triage protocol
  • Recommend that new patients visit other area facilities (please click here for Veterinary ER’s in NJ, NY and CT)
  • We will continue to receive emergency and referral clients that have a pre-existing relationship with our hospital, with wait times determined by triage protocol
  • We will see any patient that presents in critical condition, and stabilize that patient even if the case must ultimately be transferred

Please be aware that patients with non-critical illness may experience longer than normal wait times, and that some services may have limited availability.

Thank you for your patience and continued trust in our services.