First Seresto class action filed

The first class-action lawsuit to cite the dubious and fervently discredited Seresto story published earlier this month was filed against Elanco Animal Health Inc., the manufacturer of Seresto flea and tick collars, on Monday.

The Seresto story, published by USA Today on March 2, alleges that Seresto collars are linked to almost 1700 dog and cat deaths thousands of serious adverse events. The report has been vigorously debunked and discredited by veterinarians around the country, including top veterinary toxicologists who have all decried the story for its failures in basic reporting mechanics, and others.

The suit was filed in California federal court, contending that Elanco Animal Health Inc. (NYSE: ELAN) falsely advertises its Seresto collars as safe, despite the fact that the collars, the suit says, are not safe.

In one example, the suit suggests that because a malignant tumor’s location was near the collar on the dog’s neck, the dog’s Grade 2 tumor was caused by the collar.

Plaintiff Vargas purchased the Seresto collar Products for Lolita at PetSmart, 850 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California.
In early January 2021, Plaintiff Vargas observed a small lump on Lolita’s neck, close to where the Seresto collar Product is located.
This tumor grew quickly in size, causing Lolita to bleed and pant profusely.
Lolita’s veterinarian diagnosed this as a soft tissue sarcoma (“STS”), grade 2, which was removed following emergency surgery in January 2021

No records from veterinarians are offered or noted citations.

In another account, a 13-year-old dog “suddenly” passed away while wearing a Seresto collar. The cause of death, according to the lawsuit? Seresto.

In or around January 2020, Plaintiff Hemsley purchased the Seresto flea collar Product for 13-year-old Tigger for the first time at a Wal-Mart in or around Altoona, Pennsylvania. Around February 19, 2020, Tigger appeared for an annual checkup at his veterinarian’s office with Plaintiff Hemsley. There were no conditions or symptoms that gave any cause for immediate concern for Tigger’s health. On February 24, 2020, Tigger suddenly passed away in Plaintiff Hemsley’s arms after her son attempted to take him outside for his walk.

More to follow.