Many important updates: Election 2020, dismembering a frog, physical therapy, and flirting with Shabba

Dear Fans,

There’s so much to tell you just 24 hours from Election Day 2020. I have to say, as a member of the canine race, I think the fact that so many people continue to show unrelenting faith in America’s democratic process, system of checks and balances, etc. is really, really beautiful. All of those people standing in long lines for early voting because they believe in all of that stuff.  Seriously, I think it’s great. I just hope we don’t have another civil war when President Trump is declared winner of this year’s election by whichever county or court it all ultimately comes down to.

Now, speaking of fantasies, the greatest thing happened in my life the other week: I caught a huge frog a few steps from the house where my grandparents live. It might have been a toad. I strangled it, crushed it, carried it inside, chewed it some more, and did you know that frog legs are a delicacy?  I left most of it dismembered, on display in Grandma and Grandpa’s living room, with the legs perfectly ripped out. The images are too graphic, but you get the idea.

In even bigger, unrelated news: I survived my four weeks of doctor-ordered restricted activity (no, I do not have China virus). You see, at my recheck in October, my knee was not looking good. My orthopedic Dream Team told Mom it could be a CCL tear and that, perhaps, I was now a surgical candidate. I think Mom was secretly thrilled because, sometimes, I run like a Special Olympian; not that there’s anything wrong with that, but my mom always figured that, perhaps, with some good surgery, I could get into the regular Olympics, so to speak. Alas, that’s not quite how my doctors see it. They insisted first that I rest my knee for two weeks (and, then, or another two weeks) to see if we could get my limping to stop without a surgical intervention.  Well, guess what? It worked.  Heh.

Even though I was not officially supposed to resume physical therapy until next Saturday, I could not resist the opportunity to see my friends on Halloween. Plus, I knew they would be judicious with the cookies. It was great to be back in physical therapy on Saturday. Everyone missed me. I am feeling good!


Feeling so good, in fact, that I recently answered someone’s online personal ad. His name is Shabba and he is gorgeous. He was living in New York but just moved to Florida! So far, we are keeping things strictly virtual.  Apparently, the entire internet has a crush on him, so we’ll see.