My Orthopedic Lockdown Poem

Nellie's Lockdown Poem

Nellie’s Lockdown Tumble

The other week,

I went to see

Some of my friends at AMC.

To recheck my gimpy knee.

Dr. Hart is the best,

There is no question.

But I need a lot of trazadone and gabapentin

To resist temptation. 

Bird, Chipmunk, Rabbit, Shrew.

Orthopedics says I am not allowed to chase you.

I want to be good,

I want my gimpy leg to feel better.

I miss my Rehab friends:

Eve, Stephie, Ale, Idalia!

And my first floor core, Marisol and Alisha!

I want to catch birds in my teeth!

Swallow their heads, and chew off their feet!

So…. I wonder if I finally tore my cruciate.

The anticipation is excruciating!

The quail in Georgia rejoice in my absence. 

Instead I sit, tumble, and toil.

And sniff for rabbit feces in the soil.