VIN News Refuses To Issue Correction

TCR has requested a correction to a VIN News story by reporter Edie Lau. Lau has not yet made any changes to her story, nor has she responded to TCR’s most recent e-mail. TCR is publishing the exchange with Lau in full:

Dear Edie,
In fact, a correction is warranted. The “lively discussion” did not, in fact, “spread to the public domain” via our Facebook page. That’s just not accurate. OUR reporting brought the issue into the public domain and, in response to OUR reporting, many people, including story subjects, commented on our story in the comments section of the story which was
posted to our Facebook page. Even so, if you refuse to make a correction or even a clarification, it is a common practice that even competing news organizations credit each other as a matter of professional courtesy –unless one feels threatened by the other.