Rebirth: Back To The City, Back To Rehab, & Shedding Pounds


Dear Fans,

Happy May. I hope this finds you enjoying masked life.

Is this face mask thing going to continue through NY Fashion Week? And event season? I mean, it’s fine, but I’ve already been tested for the virus, according to my Mom’s reporting, so I don’t know why I should have to live like an incubus of janky viral plague.

Nellie obliges Gov. Cuomo with her N95.

Anyway, there have been some important milestones since my last post. Here goes:

I. The first milestone:

Last Saturday, after nearly two months of lockdown in Bedford, I finally got to go back to the city.

I went to see my friends at the Animal Medical Center and resume my weekly physical therapy appointments (Mom calls it ‘Buns of Steel’)!

Back to bullying birds and chipmunks on an adventure with Michele. Thank you rehab 🙂

Michele, my nanny, told Mom that she could not believe how much I’ve improved in the past two weeks. We went on a big adventure this weekend, after my second Saturday back in rehab: I feel great and look amazing, if I do say so myself.

Rehab isn’t just physical therapy. Before The Invisible [Chinese] Enemy,’ as Uncle Donald calls it, I was also interning for Eve and Stephie on the 8th floor, where I go for Rehab.

I love learning how to interact with AMC clients.  It’s the perfect use of all of my Nightingale Girl’ skills.

The Nightingale Bamford School, my alma mater, where Mrs. Mansfield taught me the now-outdated arts of shaking paws and cursive handwriting.

The problem, now, is that there aren’t any clients allowed in the building.  So I don’t get to use my ‘Nightingale Girl’ skills.

Here I am last Saturday on my first day back at rehab! I am so, so happy to be back in action and reunited with my friends.

While I went to visit the 8th floor, Mom abandoned me to run errands. 

Saturday at noon on 74th and 3rd: The line for Citarella. So glad that I am a dog.

Since there are no clients in the building and, for some reason, Eve and Stephie don’t trust me with the phones, I have offered, instead, to be in charge of dispensing the peanut butter.

II. The Second Milestone: I am finally shedding some pounds!

This is hard for me to admit, but I really let myself go this winter.

The signs were flashing red. 

There were so many opportunities to eat this winter. I just couldn’t help myself.

Nonetheless, I have now lost THREE POUNDS since March. My peak weight was 76 1/4 lbs. That was when Grandpa started calling me “Fat Girl.” Then, I went to see Dr.  Duffy in mid-April and I was down to 74. And I just saw Dr. Duffy again today and I am down to 73!

With mom working and traveling so much and so many opportunities to take advantage of different people feeding me, I just couldn’t help myself.

In any event, I realized that my bird-murdering skills were going to be seriously compromised if I continued on the path I was on. 

Grandpa was calling me “Fat Girl.” And, then, at my re-check in early March, Dr. Hart told Mom that I was “getting a little fat.” Something had to change. 

As a famous blogger, influencer, blonde, and professional athlete/bird-decapitator, I hold myself to the highest standards of citizenship. I know that dogs everywhere idolize me. I know I owe it to my fans to get back to my ideal weight. And I know that the more weight I gain, the less successful I will be at decapitating birds. Mom told me that if I didn’t get back to 65 lbs by July, she would take me to see Dr. Aronne. Mom has been seeing him since 2007 and she is his ‘star patient.’ She was even on the jacket of his book. Harvey Weinstein used to be his other ‘star patient’, but I think he’s keep that on the DL these days. Anyway, I can be a star patient, too.

I definitely have at least another six pounds to go, but at least I am headed in the right direction. Now that the pool is open and I am back in physical therapy, I think the pounds are gonna fly..

III. The third milestone: Georgia reopened! 

Everyone makes fun of Governor Kemp, but they’re just jealous. Mom says if she does not get her hair cut and highlighted again soon, we are going back to Georgia early. 

Finally, I thought I would mention that my birthday is now less than three months away. July 13, people. Mark it on your calendars. Celebrations will likely begin on Friday, July 10 and continue through the weekend.

Especially because I got out over my skis last year with the celebrating and landed in Emergency (or, as some call it, “the Nellie Brill suite” because KBVC keeps a room on standby for me), I need to make up for all of the cake I missed out on while I was on IV fluids.

That’s all for now. Wish me luck on the scale!

xox Nellie