Westminster Final Night ~ Tuesday, February 11, 2020 ~ Live Updates

“Daniel” the Golden Retriever has won the Sporting Group. Congratulations to “Daniel” !

Next up is the Working Group…

Stay tuned for much more TCR coverage. Our Julia Kott is getting an exclusive with Simone the Irish Water Spaniel who was removed??? from the ring. What happened?

Handler Hannah Loonsk, whose mother is the president of the Irish Water Spaniels club of America told TCR, “It is what it is. It’s a dog.”

German Pinscher is known for “vermin hunting ability.”

The Giant Schnauzer “Louie” from Malvern, PA has had 3 WKC Group Wins, most recently in 2018. Uh oh, Louie. Got a little bit rowdy in the ring…

The Working Group awaits judgment during commercial break….

Great Pyrenees

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog “Nash” from Oregon. Hopefully, he has his ESA papers…

The Rotty is a crowd pleaser, but the Saint Bernard “Poker” from Colorado wins the audience.

Wilma the Boxer wins the Working Group!


Here come the terriers. A loud and feisty bunch. And who can forget “Winkie” from Best in Show?

“Winky” was a Norfolk terrier. Just made a cameo and received a thunderous applause…

The Rat Terrier….muted applause….


Best In Show coming up. Who will it be?

Daniel the Golden Retriever Wins Sporting Group