Nellie the Labrador: ‘I impaled myself with a stick for Christmas’

In mid-December 2023, my mom awoke to a stench emanating from my mouth.

Megan Duffy, who is probably the most popular and in demand general practice veterinarian in the NYC tri-state,  squeezed us in for an appointment and diagnosed me with a secondary infection in my mouth.

By the grace of God, my mom had already scheduled me for what was supposed to be a regular dental cleaning at Animal Medical Center with Dr. Martel that following Monday. So much for a routine dental.

To make a long story short, I spent Christmas cone-headed with a few dozen sutures in my mouth.

Are these not the most gorgeous sutures in the history of veterinary medicine?

I am doing great and want to thank the vetmed universe.

We need more people to pursue careers in veterinary medicine so more dogs and owners can have the kind of care I have been fortunate to access so many, many, many, many…. times.