Best time of the year for indiscriminate eating

Grandpa's speedo
May is the best time for indiscriminate eating, shredding

Dear Fans,

Just a quick update and then I need to finish shredding the flowers before Grandma catches me. I’ve also been working on a tree branch and Grandpa’s speedo.

So it’s May. Life is good. I spend about 20 hours a day outside. The pool opened in early April and I’ve been making use of the sun bench. The pool is also, of course, a much faster way for me to rinse off after rolling in manure on the riding trails.

I spend a lot of time with my grandparents at their house while mom is working for all of you. This afternoon, as I took a break from the pool to shred newly planted flowers at just the right time of day when the sun was hitting, I realized I was forgetting the pool equipment. I have a collection of Grandpa’s swim goggles, suits, Speedo workout gear, kickboards, etc. in a secret spot where I can evaluate foreign object surgical candidates without being disturbed.

I am getting my teeth cleaned next week and I wonder what they will find!!

Hope everyone is healthy, happy, and well ~ Nellie