Nellie’s Quail Hunting Video – viewer discretion advised

Dear Fans,

Dear Fans of A Really, Really Good-Looking Dog:

First, let’s all say it out loud: I am really, really good-looking. Also, my temperament rules apart from needing a lot of drugs because I have so much energy–just like my mom.

Moving on. My friend Wes made this video of my quail hunting/bird massacre’s greatest hits/lunch? in October 2019. I haven’t been back to Georgia for hunting since then and I am getting antsy.  So, now I am going to let you in on some news if you promise to keep it a secret because my mom says my veterinarians cannot know anything about us going hunting. Something about being “fired as a client.” Well, you can probably guess: We’re going back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t fire my mom. It was my idea… Love, Nellie