Dear Governor Cuomo, Please do not ruin my Georgia quail hunting trip.

How many more sacrifices must I make this year?

Dear New York Governor Cuomo: Now that New York is free and clear of the virus, I ask that you not force me to cancel my quail hunting trip. Your quarantine interferes with what I believe is, in fact, “essential travel” for me.  How do I explain the importance of escaping New York, decapitating quail, and sunning myself on that wide open beach under hot southern sun? I will also write a letter to Governor Kemp in Georgia because, it’s true, some of his behavior has probably contributed to my dilemma. Seriously, though, how many more sacrifices am I expected to make this year? Okay, I have not really made many or any sacrifices, but this is too much. 

Most dogs are not as well-mannered, intelligent, or attractive as I am. Oh, wait until you see the latest pics of me swimming in the sailboat pond in Central Park. New post coming  asap.

I go everywhere with my mom. I help her with OCD. And, yes, I know I’m not supposed to sit on the seat, but flight crew love me so much, they bring me extra pillows and can’t get enough of me. I’m told that I am cleaner and more pleasant than most human passengers. Now, Governor Cuomo is clipping my wings with his quarantine.

Coming home from Georgia last year. It’s always a bummer when we touch down at LGA and the reality of acute pain in my leg from the hunting sets in. We pretty much go to AMC from the airport because the hunting does a number on my chronic injury.
I get a COVID-19 screening test every week! Seriously. Here I am with Alicia in the AMC lobby; she is taking my temperature. It says “perfect” or whatever temperature a “perfect” would be, obviously. Then, I fill out a form. Then, I visit Marisol. Then, I see Eve and Stephie. Yes, I wear Lilly Pulitzer collars and leashes. How can you deny me time in Georgia?