Taylor Swift’s “The Archer” (Nellie’s Version”

Dedicated to Nellie’s many, MANY vet friends…


Nellie has released her latest music video on her blog, “Essentially Nellie: Confessions of a Labrador.”You can also find the video at full length outside our paywall on TCR’s YouTube channel which you should all be following!

Nellie Brill April 2024 Vlog
Nellie is TCR‘s Head Labrador and sole blogger. You can find Nellie‘s blog—“Essentially Nellie: Confessions of a Labrador”— here in the opinion section at TCR ​⁠@thecaninereview dot com.

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Also featured: @amcny@evetaylor9164, Stephanie Martinez; @katonahbedfordvetcenter, Dr. Duffy
photo credits to idalia.padilla.165 @kcdcbag #amcrehab

Voice: Emily Brill (Nellie’s Mom)

Music: “The Archer” by @taylorswift Swift

At the conclusion of the video , we feature images of Nellie‘s late, brother Rocky and our beloved Maggie, who is distantly related to Nellie and the resemblance yes is striking. Fun Fact: Nellie was named for their common ancestor, “Nellie B. Good” ! We open with a video of Nellie shot this weekend pursuing a deer on our property and end almost 10 years ago with a baby Nellie clutching a remote control.

Link https://youtu.be/26ZzBl1ScjY?feature=shared

Nellie’s Taylor Swift Tribute VideoIn which Nellie The Labrador offers her interpretation of “The Archer;” lead vocal provided by Mom.