Dear Fans,

On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday, the day of days, with my best friends and family.  Anyone who is anyone was at my party. It was the event of the COVID-19 season. My actual birthday is July 13. I can’t believe that I am six-years-old.  So many birds executed, yet so many birds still at large. I slaughtered one of Grandma’s little humming birdies a few days ago. Delicious. Where was I?

Oh. I had the greatest time at my birthday party on Sunday. My best friends all came: Katy, Layla, Julie, Liam, Kira, Michele, and Lulu. Liam always seems to be able to read my mind and he is my favorite person to play ‘tug-of-war’  with.

It is hard to believe that one year ago today, I was on IV fluids at KBVC. Ditto the year before last. So, it seems that I have finally broken the tradition of spending my birthday in the emergency room. My friend Alissa says that this is because I am ‘older and wiser.’  She doesn’t know about the kickboard, sandals, goggles, swim cap, watering can, planters, and other assoorted gardening tools but I love compliments.

So let’s all wish me one more happy birthday, and a belated happy 14th birthday to my brother, Rocky, who still has the strength and balls (figuratively speaking) to try to steal my birthday cake.