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Emily Brill is a journalist and native New Yorker.

Between college and graduate school, Emily worked for the Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith, Charlie Rose, and for CNN as an associate producer. Her reporting was published in The Daily Beast and Columbia Journalism Review. Emily pursued graduate studies in Seoul while continuing to freelance. Between semesters of graduate school in Seoul, Emily assisted the editors at, an online news startup about China published by the Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China relations. From Korea and, later, from Beijing, she continued to work for the Asia Society’s China Center as a researcher and fact-checker. In Beijing, Emily worked for CBS News’s Beijing Bureau. Her reports were published in the New York Times’ China Edition, Buzzfeed, and on

Emily has owned and loved dogs throughout her life. During her time overseas, the absence of her dogs weighed heavily. After moving back stateside, Emily started volunteering at a local animal shelter and took a job at a pet boutique in Greenwich, CT to immerse herself in different segments of the dog universe. Emily is partial to American field Labradors. Her last labrador, Maggie, and current labrador, Nellie, both yellow field Labs, are distantly related and Nellie is named for “Nellie B. Good”, a common ancestor. In addition to Nellie, Emily helps care for her parents’ black English lab – Maggie’s and now Nellie’s best friend – Rocky.

As a puppy, and still today, at the tender age of six, Nellie has been integral in helping Emily immerse herself in veterinary medicine: Nellie is probably the healthiest dog on the planet to spend as much time as she does at veterinary hospitals. You can read more about Nellie and all of the time she spends at the vet on her blog:

When she’s not researching and outlining a new story idea, editing, or reporting, Emily can usually be found hiking the riding trails in Bedford, roaming Central Park, or quail hunting in Georgia – – with Nellie.



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