Exclusive: That more expensive “whole” food you feed your dog to spoil him may actually be killing him

The FDA has 17 days remaining as of today to make good on its vow to update the canine DCM case count by year’s end.  Subscribe here and to AllTradesDVM.com for the most up-to-minute, comprehensive developments on DCM in dogs. You can sign up for our news alerts here and for AllTradesDVM here.

The vow came last month, thanks to help from attorney David Schulz who is more accustomed to working with national security reporters (and probably still can’t believe this story ever needed his involvement), after a nearly three-year information blackout.




As more dogs die, pea lobbyists muzzle FDA; FDA continues information blackout of often fatal heart condition tied to dogs’ diets; in new statement, FDA says hundreds of dogs’ cases ‘not relevant’

Veterinarians, owners demand FDA action and transparency amid more diagnoses of DCM in dogs thought to be linked to diet